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President, homeword

“Ed goes straight to the heart’s desire of every man who wants to be an excellent husband and father. He combines great passion and practical biblical insight while helping men work on their inner healing. Ed is refreshingly filled with grace and is a great motivator to help us be a part of our greatest calling for our families.”


Promise Keepers

“Many men today struggle as fathers because they weren’t father right themselves. Ed gives great tools and encouragement to men who are desperately seeking to raise godly children and build marriages of respect and love.

debbie rasa

owner/partner, rasa floors

“If you love the men in your life, you will put his book in their hands.”

Brian holloway

new england patriots all-pro standford, harvard

“In the NFL, you could always tell the ballplayers who were raised without the blessing of the father. They were weak, they complained, they were easily distracted, they lashed out, they were empty shells. When a son or daughter has been blessed by the father, they are strong, capable, they grow, they learn, they help and they serve. God gave us an example. Thanks, Ed, for taking this most courageous journey on in your ministry. This is a game plan for every father who wants to make a difference. It’s important and urgent!”

john townsend

author of the new york times bestselling boundaries series. Founder, the townsend institute for leadership and counseling

“There are few jobs more important than being a father. But so many dads feel unequipped and a bit overwhelmed by the responsibility. Ed Tandy McGlasson provides a deeply personal, practical and biblical approach to the task. In a warm and vulnerable voice, he guides all fathers to the principles and tools that will help. Highly recommended.”